// these are some projects i've put together for fun.


GAMulti is a utility that allows a single GAM (https://github.com/GAM-team/GAM) install to manage multiple Google domains. It is a bash based interface that allows the user to easily list and select from any number of pre-configured GAM domains/secret keys. This was a fun project to work on but I stopped developing it after discovering that GAMADV (https://github.com/taers232c/GAMADV-XTD3) already provided this functionality. This was also my first attempt to use github.

Sourcerer (source)

A very simple POST based form that searches across 3 different Magic the Gathering trading card sites for pricing comparison and availability. Created to help a friend who deals in buying and selling these cards regularly.

Pirate (source)

A very simple POST based form that searches ebay for recently sold items containing the provided search term. Created for investigating the value of interesting thrift shop and swap meet finds.

Voorhees (source)

Voorhees is a script that submits two randomly chosen words into the bandcamp search field. The words are grabbed from a local dictionary file on the webserver. The user is then taken to the first bandcamp page returned by the search.

Voorhees worked incredibly well when I first wrote it. Though bandcamp provides an API for artists to pull sales information there is no API for pulling artist data from bandcamp as a consumer. This lead to me doing some fun string searching through the returned bandcamp search results code in order to isolate the first returned link. I had fun making Voorhees. Bandcamp has changed something (not sure what) about the way searches work in the last year or so. Voorhees still works, but not as well at it used to.

Included in the source is the original code for the 'bring them to me' mode. This mode would grab 1 track from multiple random word searches and compile a playlist to present to the user with a very eclectic mix. Unfortunately the method is very inefficient and rarely works. It's probably also rude to have been hammering search requests at the website in the way that 'bring them to me' mode did. I'd like to get it working again in a more efficient way.

modfn.sh (source)

modfn.sh is a set of bash functions that allow a user to add or remove a common string of characters from the beginning or end of all filenames within a directory. I created these functions to help me while standardizing the naming of my digital audio files.